Meet the current news team; Chris, Fran, Jim and Steve

Day 15 – Southampton

Overnight the fog/mist returned but our journey was unhindered, it is now 6.10am on Friday August 10th and we are in the Swinging Pool at Southampton and have turned through 180 degrees and are making our final manoeuvres prior to berthing a the QEII Terminal and disembarking. […]

Day 14 – At Sea

Today is Thursday August 9th and it is almost 8am, we are just 398 miles from Southampton which puts us due south of Kinsale in Ireland. We have a force 5 easterly breeze, moderate seas and an outside temperature of 59/15 degrees. It doesn’t feel like a […]

Day 13 – At Sea

Today is Wednesday August 8th and it is 8am, I have just woken so the motion of the ship overnight must have had a good and soporific effect on me. We are in dense fog and have slowed to 17 knots which, I think, means that the […]

Day 12 – At Sea

It is now 7.15am on Tuesday August 7th and the movement on-board continued overnight and we now have rough seas with 12 foot swells, clear skies and temperature of 60/15 degrees. It feels great and I slept like a baby. The fresh breeze is a force 5 […]

Day 11 – At Sea

Today is Monday August 6th and it is 7.25am, Pudsey and someone called Ashleigh are apparently performing this evening opening the show for Michael Minor who is “an ultra-versatile entertainer, singer, ventriloquist and impressionist”. Ashleigh is somehow connected to the dog, it seems but I don’t have […]

Day 10 – At Sea

I had a great sleep and woke refreshed just before 6am, I didn’t get up immediately but waited for a further hour and then decided that it was time, it is 7.15am on Sunday August 5th and we are on the Grand Banks east of Halifax, Nova […]

Day 9 – At Sea

I woke at a little after 6.15am on Saturday August 4th to slight seas, temperature of 75/24 degrees and high humidity at 92%, warm and sticky. We have started our great circle track and our heading is east-north-east at 60 degrees. Our speed is 21 knots. Hopefully […]

Day 8 – New York

I woke at 4am and feel so very much better, we are due to sail beneath the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in 45 minutes and enter the Lower Bay of New York harbour. What a fantastic place and how lucky am I to be here today on this […]

Day 7 – At Sea

The early night was wasted as I seem to have developed a minor but very painful leg infection, I couldn’t sleep at all and at 4am I called the medical centre, the doctor saw me straight away and prescribed a course of strong antibiotics and pain killers […]

Day 6 – At Sea

It is 6.30am on Wednesday August 1st and we are now due south of the south eastern tip of Newfoundland, we are sailing at 23 knots through a slight sea. The temperature is 60/15 degrees and we have a westerly force 2 breeze. Where have the first […]