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Day 14 – At Sea then Southampton

Today is P day, Monday November 25 2013 and I’ve got to pack up everything ready to get off and call a halt to the fun on board tomorrow. Because of the weather this past five days, we have steered a much more southerly route than normal […]

Day 13 – At Sea Sunday November 24 2013

Overnight the ship must have wobbled a little because when I woke this morning the door had closed itself. I didn’t hear it which is a good sign that I was fast asleep. Today is Sunday November 24 and we are shrouded in a nasty soggy sea […]

Day 12 – At Sea Saturday November 23 2013

Today is Saturday November 23 and the sun is shining brightly having only risen an hour ago at 6.30. We are making 22 knots steering east north east and the sea has 4 metre swells with just a few white horses to spoil the beautiful navy blue […]

Day 11 – At Sea

Today is Friday November 22 and the sea has subsided significantly, it is a mere 6 to 9 metres now and in the hour since I awoke the wind has reduced from force 8 to force 7. The fun might be over for this trip! Well as […]

Day 10 – At Sea November 21 2013

Today is Thursday November 21 and I slept very well waking at 7am just after sunrise, the boisterous seas had continued throughout the night as had the gale. Because the wind is astern of us it doesn’t seem particularly breezy but the white horses are flying from […]

Day 9 – At Sea Wednesday November 20

Today is Wednesday November 20 and we’re heading east towards England, it was cold overnight and part way through I had to close my door. I slept well though, possibly helped by the copious amounts of alcohol consumed during the day. The wind strength is building and […]

Day 8 – New York Tuesday 19 November 2013

I had the door open for a while but the noise of the wind and the shaking of the ship persuaded me to pull it to. I jammed a towel between the door and the jamb leaving a gap of 5 inches for the fresh air to […]

Day 7 – At Sea

Today is Monday November 18 and I woke at 6.30am to a beautiful sunrise with a few pink fluffy clouds near the horizon, the rest of the sky was clear and bright blue. This is so unlike the North Atlantic but it is marvellous. Breakfast was porridge […]

Day 6 – At Sea November 17 2013

Today is Sunday November 17 and the time is just 7.30am, we are surrounded in a grey cloak of sea mist, it must be low lying and there must be vision from the bridge as there is no foghorn sounding. The door remained open all night and […]

Day 5 – At Sea November 16 2013

I stayed in my cabin throughout the evening and was watching a little TV and listening to my book and to the ocean, it was a very nice few hours. The two things that I didn’t need last night were food and alcohol. I had a great […]