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A Winter crossing on QM2 Day 7 heading overnight to Southampton.

Today is Friday January 9 and I must admit to feeling more than a little woolly this morning, I woke to a grey, dank and murky sky. There was a thick sea mist clinging to the ship and the decks and balconies were running with water. The […]

A Winter crossing on QM2 Day 6

Today is Thursday January 8 and I woke at 7am to another grey day, you can’t really expect much else here at this time of the year which makes yesterday such a treat. The sea is moderate and we have a force 5 breeze. The decks are […]

A Winter crossing on QM2 Day 5

Today is Wednesday January 7 and once again the dress code is informal, this means that we are running out of days on this trip. Tomorrow is the last formal evening, followed by packing day and then we are off the ship in Southampton. Having become accustomed […]

A Winter crossing on QM2 Day 4

  Today is Tuesday January 6 and I’ve been running late all day long, there is no reason really but it just happened that way. It is now 7.10pm and I’m in my cabin for the evening. I’ve had a great day and I’m not unwell, I […]

A Winter crossing on QM2 Day 3

Today is Monday January 5 and we continue our trip, our course is currently 81 degrees so we are heading just slightly north of due east and may or may not have started a great circle route. It may be that we want to get as far […]

A Winter crossing on QM2 Day 2

Today is Sunday January 4 and it is 7.45am, I slept the sleep of the innocent and pure which must mean that some poor person tossed and turned all night. I didn’t move from the second my head hit the pillow. The sky is overcast and grey, […]

A Winter crossing on QM2 Day 1

This trip is slightly different from my usual routine as it starts in New York City. I spent a wonderful Christmas in Canada and my silent prayers were answered as the weather was between plus 11 and minus 10 degrees or 52/14 to my non Celsius readers […]

November 2014 Transatlantic Back to Back, Day 14. Journey’s End

    Today is Tuesday November 25 and I woke at 8.10am to smooth seas, clear skies and a southerly force 5 breeze, we are crossing the Celtic Sea heading towards the western approaches of the English Channel. We are due south of the western edge of […]

November 2014 Transatlantic Back to Back, Day 13

      Today is Monday November 24 and the sky is lighter than it has been for a while, it is still overcast but there are perceptibly bluish bits visible through the cloud cover. It is warmer than it has been and the sea is slightly […]

November 2014 Transatlantic Back to Back, Day 12

      Today is Sunday November 23 and it occurs to me that we arrive in Southampton in just 3 days time, this is a problem on so many levels. The primary issue being that I have 4 unopened bottles of champagne to consume between now […]