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July 2014 Transatlantic back to back on QM2 Day 5

Yesterday’s activities had clearly taken their toll and I slept without moving until 6.30am, there is still no movement on board and minimal wind. Today is Friday July 25 and the sky looks to be full of rain clouds. The forecast was for a sunny day so […]

July 2014 Transatlantic back to back on QM2 Day 4

Today is Thursday July 24 and I can’t believe how quickly the days are passing. The sky is overcast as we have had rain overnight, the balcony is soaked and there is a slight chill in the air,. It is still pleasant to sit in the cabin […]

July 2014 Transatlantic back to back on QM2 Day 3

Today is Wednesday July 23 and the sky is overcast, the waves are close to non-existent and there is just a light breeze blowing. A very disappointing start to the day! I woke at 6am and having washed and dressed I’m ready for breakfast. I feel much […]

July 2014 Transatlantic back to back on QM2 Day 2

Today is Tuesday July 22 and we have sailed along the English Channel towards the western approaches and the Celtic Sea, which like the Bay of Biscay and the Sargasso Sea is just an area of the Atlantic Ocean with its own name. I had breakfast in […]

July 2014 Transatlantic back to back on QM2

I drove down to Southampton yesterday as I had arranged a deal with the Dolphin Hotel where for £154 I can stay overnight, have breakfast and park my car for the ensuing 15 days. I would use C&PS who provide the valet parking at the terminal but […]

Canary Islands Discovery, Day 11

Today is Thursday May 8 and we have progressed a further third across the Bay during the night and now only have 343 miles left until we arrive in Southampton. The temperature is a cool 15/59 degrees; there are a few scattered white horses due to the […]

Canary Islands Discovery, Day 10

Today is Wednesday May 7 and the sunrise was spectacularly red and orange, I woke just before 7am and looking out I saw the Portuguese coastline. I thought that this was strange as we are usually stood much further out to sea. The sea was oily calm […]

Canary Islands Discovery, Day 9 Lisbon

Today is Tuesday May 6 and at 6.45 the sun is shining brightly, we are still in the Atlantic but are heading due east to enter the River Tagus. We’ve just sailed past one of the forts that guard the mouth of the river. Looking aft from […]

Canary Islands Discovery, Day 8 En route to Lisbon

I did sleep well and awakened to a wonderful shimmying motion as the sun rose a little after 7am, today is Monday May 5. My balcony is on the starboard side so I had the setting sun on the way south and now I see the sunrises. […]

Canary Islands Discovery, Day 7 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Today is Sunday May 4 and when I awoke at 7am we were already alongside the berth at Santa Cruz, the hills surrounding the town are spectacular and I wish I could say the same about the town itself. The sky is slightly cloudy but I’m sure […]